Setup sizes

If you have a item in multiple sizes. Here is how to add size to your products

It sometimes makes sense to add a "variation" to the product for each size you offer for sale. This is particular relevant if you upcycle or offer dead-stock for sale.

The process is as follows. First of all go to your Dashboard and choose "edit" on your product or if a new product "add new".

1. Change product type to "Variable product".

This is done under "Product Type".

IMPORTANT: When you choose "Variable product", Inventory does no longer manage your stock. You will have to add stock under each variation. More about this later.


2. Add variations under "Details".


3. Add each size under "Variations".


4. Configure the sizes under "Variations".

Here you have the option to tailor each variation in terms of price, stock, image, description to name a few. It is important to complete the four circled  elements. If not the variation will not show up. 



Now you are all done and ready to go make some sales.

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